Buenos Aires Fountain Renovation, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This project is a renovation of an existing temple fountain.  The existing fountain was in dire need of updating and repair.  The project includes the addition of a series of upper weirs that will step down to create a waterfall effect into the basin below, mimicking the effect of the new temple fountain on the other side of the temple.  The lower basin will boast custom a granite finish new underwater lights, located in the lower basin will high light the feature from below.

Buenos Aires New Fountain Addition, Buenos Aires, Argentina

As a centerpiece to the outdoor landscaping, this harmonious fountain serves as welcome addition to the Buenos Aires Temple. The circular fountain’s upper tier is crowned with illuminated cascade sprays.  Water from the upper tier simultaneously cascades over 4 weirs to the lower tier where the false floor houses the lights that pristinely illuminate the upper tier from below.  The perimeter seat wall is capped with stone to match the surrounding architecture.