Burton Residence, Orem, Utah

The Burton estate is tucked in the Bershires Luxury Home community in Orem, Utah.  The indoor spa is nestled in the basement of the estate, creating a secluded sanctuary.  The spa is only 2’-3” deep and has custom depth benches with jet packs and neck  jets for upper and lower back therapy.  The 2 calf jets are situated so guests can stand or sit while enjoying the therapeutic effects.  Attached to the spa is the cold plunge for an invigorating cold rush after spending time in the 104° spa.  The freshwater fill line is disguised as a fountain, cascading directly into the pools.  This portion of the project is complete with plasma TV that disappears into the coping via remote control.

The outdoor portion of this project consists of a 50’ long pool with an integral spa.  The pool hosts swim jets situated at the north end of the pool providing a workout option for guests. The spa is situated in the south end of the pool and has custom perimeter bench seating, several jet packs, foot jets and calf jets.  Custom stone decking and decorative planter compete this amazing project.