Lewisville Old Town Center, Lewisville, Texas

This amazing project is part of the Lewisville City Urban Park revitalization in downtown Lewisville.  The project begins with a circular shaped, interactive splash pad housing illuminated deck level nozzles.  The space will be utilized by other activities when the nozzles are not in use.  Guests can then meander through the gardens toward the top of the plaza where a large “urban river” begins with a spill way that provides a waterfall with a modern feel.  The 350 foot long, concrete river has a series of spill weirs that step down with the natural grade of the landscape.  At the end of the river, there is a large basin, where a performance stage is located.  The stage is accented by a 40 long, 14 foot high water wall, that when in operation will provide an interesting visual effect, and when not in operation, the wall will serve as a screen for movies in the park.