North Salt Lake Foxboro North Park Splash Pad, North Salt Lake, Utah

This large splash pad is part of the Foxboro Park project in North Salt Lake City.  The 100’-0” x  80’-0” oval shaped pad features colored concrete finish designed to simulate a sunburst shape.  There are 10 different types of features with just under 100 nozzles providing multiple types of spray patterns. 

The toddler area hosts 3 sets of water jellies, 3 directional water jets with sprays positioned to provide visual interest and 3 bubblers for younger children to enjoy.  The splash pad also hosts an interactive Team Spray that encourages guests to work together to create different spray heights.  The fountain sprays, rooster tails and ground geyser, ground sprays and cylinder spray provide guests with several different play options.  The splash pad is completed with several vertical stream jets that create a rainbow type arch, a water cage and an arching water cage that surrounds the ground spray in the center.  The entire feature is sequenced through a custom controller and activated by a magic touch activation bollard.