Provo City Recreation Center, Provo, Utah

When the existing Provo Recreation Center was in need of an update, the decision was made to create an “no holds barred” design that raised the bar for municipal recreation centers.  The new center certainly does just that. The competition area of the facility includes a Jr. Olympic sized (25 meter x 25 yard) competition pool constructed from PVC coated stainless steel pool technology. The pool has a large deep area to accommodate water polo, yet still has a shallower area for programming and open swim. 

The pool boasts stadium seating and a state of the art timing system. The activity area of the facility is truly a sight to be seen.  With floor to ceiling windows, the views of the mountains are only rivaled by the aquatic components within. There are two (2) large self-contained water slides that transition from inside to outside to inside again with translucent flumes, allowing for guests to observe riders on their way down to the run-outs. The a portion of the slides are camouflaged with the faux rock that extends over the flumes from the custom faux rock “teen pool”. This pool hosts a custom faux rock climbing wall with three (3) different routes, cueing area, and several waterfalls creating a tropical like experience.  The 13 foot deep pool is complete with a 3 meter jump rock that cantilevers over the pool to the depths below. Adjacent to the teen pool is the activity pool. 

The pool, also constructed with PVC coated stainless steel technology, has a padded zero entry and ground sprays that lead to the large, custom themed, elevated, interactive play structure.  Past the play structure there is a large lazy river, with rapid feature, bubble couch, vortex pool, deck sprays and custom themeing throughout. The program pool, also constructed with PVC coated stainless steel technology,  hosts three (3) “warm water” lap lanes, two (2)water basketball standards, a water volleyball system, and is 3’-0” to 4’-0” deep, perfect for a variety of aquatic programs. The PVC coated stainless steel spa with tile finish is raised with a transfer wall system to allow for ADA access, and has perimeter benching and numerous hydorotherapy jets.  The spa is strategically located in a glass alcove, near the entrance or the locker rooms to allow for guests to relax after a workout in other areas of the facility.