Saint Patrick's Parrish, Anchorage, Alaska

This project has four separate water features that are designed to parallel some gospel beliefs of the parrish. 

The "Justice Flow Like Water" feature has a concealed water source that cascades over raised stones in the basin that spell "justice" into a concealed catch basin creating the appearance of water appearing and disappearing from beneath the stone coping. 

The "Living Waters" feature is an elevated reflective feature with water introduced in an upper weir that wraps tightly against the feature walls and disappears into a concealed basin below. Dark granite finishes provide a glass like appearance while the feature is in operation. 

The "Parting of Waters" feature has 2 elevated walls with runnels where the water source is introduced at the top of the runnel, and runs down, and hugs the wall and disappears into a basin below.  A walkway separates the two walls, inviting guest to walk through and experience the feeling of parting waters. 

The "Resurrection" feature completes this project, with a deck level basin that houses three sprays of ascending heights to represent the resurrection of Christ.