Shock Hill Lodge, Breckenridge, Colorado

This high end lodge is located in the serene setting of Breckenridge, Colorado. Guests of this lodge can enjoy a wide variety of water attractions. The main pool, with its unique shape, was designed to compliment the contours of the surrounding area. It features a long bench along one wall for guests to sit and absorb the surrounding beauty. The pool also boasts a vanishing edge that creates the illusion of water disappearing down the hillside from below. Guests can enjoy the waterfall effect as it spills into the lower pool with a runnel that then lead the water downward into a lounging area for guests. The creatively shaped nearby adds an interesting and functional component to the pool area. The upper and lower spas on the property allow for seclusion and serenity. Guests will be delighted by the effect of the unique finishes of each feature.