Pinedale Aquatic Center (Sublette), Pinedale, Wyoming

The Sublette Aquatic Center project required removing an existing aluminum pool and expanding the facility to include multiple swimming pools. The stretch 25 meter competition pool boasts a design approach which was based first and foremost on creating a pool meant primarily for high level competitive swimming events. With water depths of over nine feet over the length of the race courses, a moveable bulkhead, along with a “waveless” PVC coated stainless steel pool and gutter system, this pool is poised to be one of the fastest and finest short course competition pools in the intermountain west for decades to come.

The leisure pool component of the facility was designed for maximum attraction, program flexibility, durability, and bather comfort. The soft pool floor in the shallow areas along with the durable PVC coated stainless steel finishes provide a pool system that is designed to last and requiring less yearly maintenance expense. The shotcrete and plaster spa pool provides a relaxing hot water environment for competition weary swimmers as well as the general public that will use the facilities.