University of Utah Student Life Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

This project is part of the new University of Utah Student Life Center.  The center is strategically placed to showcase the stunning mountain and valley views of Salt Lake City. Specifically designed for multiple uses, the aquatic components of the center provide an opportunity for a multitude of educational and recreation opportunities for the students and faculty.

The 6 lane 50 meter lap pool is fully ADA accessible, with water depths from 3’-6” to 10’-3” and houses 2 moveable bulkheads, allowing for  multiple lane configurations to accommodate the university’s water polo team practices and games, as well as intramural sports and various academic classes.  Specifically designed for multiple uses, the indoor activity pool has a zero entry area with floor bubblers, and a dedicated “toddler” area with water depths of 18” to 24” with arching deck jets. The pool is complete with a water volleyball/water basketball area and 2 bench areas one with hydrotherapy jets to create an enjoyable socialization area. 

The outdoor activity pool has a large shallow step perfect for sunbathing or just wading in the water, the perimeter bench allows for spectators to sit and watch as guests engage in water volleyball in the deeper area of the pool.  The large project also includes an indoor, custom, raised spa that overlooks the campus walkway. The unique design provides private conversation areas, with perimeter bench seating and multiple hydrotherapy jets. The spa also includes an ADA compliant transfer system for disabled guests.