Who we are.

Water Design, Inc. is a civil engineering firm that has specialized in swimming pool, spa and water feature design and consulting for over 50 years. We boast well rounded design team members with individual aquatic experience ranging from 5 to 35 years. Our designers come from various disciplines including; engineering, code compliance, aquatic construction, aquatic operations, competitive swimming and water polo, and risk management. Over 50 years in the business coupled with an experienced staff, provides our clients with the tools needed to ensure a successful project.

What we do.  

Water Design, Inc. creates custom aquatic designs that are as unique as the clients we serve. Our designs range from large commercial facilities to small residential pools and spas. This versatility has given us the experience to fulfill our client’s requests, no matter the size or shape of the project. We have experience with a diverse collection of design elements. From basic water features, to complex water parks with a variety of amenities, we can provide unique ideas to help make our client’s vision a reality.

We care about the environment. We understand the need for environmentally sustainable designs. Our experience has allowed us to design water features for LEED certified projects. We can provide environmentally friendly options that offer the sustainable results desired.

Water Design, Inc. takes pride in providing the best project design value to our clients. We work closely with local construction trades to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved at the lowest possible cost.

Water Design’s extensive background with providing assessments, recommendations for improvement, and renovation work for existing facilities can provide our clients with the peace of mind that their facilities will be assessed accurately and recommendations for improvement will have their best interest in mind.

How we do it.

At Water Design, Inc. we take our client’s vision to reality through customized design and project coordination. By listening to our clients, collecting input from user groups and the local community, we can help create a design that fulfills the needs of our clients.

Water Design, Inc. has an established history of successful coordination with architects as well as each consulting arm of the project design team. We develop relationships that open the lines of communication to anticipate and virtually eliminate engineering design problems. Coordination doesn’t stop with the project design team. We take pride in developing good working relationships with local code officials. Our coordination with these officials ensures an approved, compliant project.

Research is an important part of the design process. Our design team is continually searching to find the best, most cost effective aquatic products and systems available. Through this research we are able to create the most hydraulically efficient and structurally sound designs. Our insight on the latest aquatic trends and concepts allows us to provide cutting edge options that fulfill our client’s needs.

Why we do it.

It is our desire to create designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but safe and operable. With members of our design team having a background in aquatic operation and maintenance, we can provide design insight from an operations point of view. This insight helps with creating designs that can maximize revenue and minimize operational expenses, providing the best return on investment.

We understand our role in the design process. Water Design’s experience, dedication, research, and coordination support the ultimate goal: helping our clients make their design dream a reality.


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We are the experts.

Our expertise will be your guide. The Water Design team is comprised of professionals from diverse backgrounds. Our expertise in engineering, construction, project management, aquatic facility operations, maintenance and aquatic safety, provides our clients with a unique tool to ensure their design achieves the best return on investment. We understand the impact of design on programming, safety, operations and maintenance and can provide the insight needed to ensure the project vision is realized while maximizing revenue and minimizing operational expenses.

Extensive design experience.

Our project experience speaks for itself. With over 10,000 aquatic features designed to date, our portfolio includes a variety of projects, from small backyard pools to large scale water parks boasting some of the largest play structures around. Our diverse experience has cultivated an understanding of the design requirements associated with all types of projects. We understand the needs of the different levels of competitive swimming, diving, and water polo facilities. We have designed many unique recreational pools that satisfy the needs of our clients, while taking into account the operational value of design. Combine our community project experience, with experience at the corporate and private level, and we are able to offer cutting edge design options for any type of client.


Large or small, we do it all. Our experience with a broad spectrum of aquatic projects allows us to break out of a single design niche. Whether designing a large multi-use facility, corporate water feature or small community pool, superior service to our clients remains the same. Water Design’s versatility is also revealed by our understanding of a variety of construction techniques. Our extensive experience with shotcrete/gunite pools has helped us develop an efficient system to ensure our designs are not only constructible, but structurally sound. Water Design, Inc. is also one of the leading designers of PVC coated stainless steel pools in the Nation. Our team is well versed with the specialized design process, and have experience working with the leading manufacturers of this technology.

Peace of mind.

We are the code experts. No matter where your project is located, the Water Design team is well versed in code compliance. Tom Anderson, President of Water Design, Inc. is well known throughout the Nation and has developed a good working relationship with many code officials. These relationships, along with our team’s substantial knowledge of the aquatic industry standards and other various codes, provides our clients with the best possible options for their desired design while satisfying code requirements.

Dedication to excellence.

Successful projects don’t happen by chance. We are committed to satisfying our clients needs by providing the highest services possible. Water Design is known for superior coordination with architects, consultants and sub-contractors on each project. We have created an efficient system that allows us to identify design conflicts early in the process, avoiding potentially negative results and delays. Teamwork, organization, and communication are some of our keys to success.