Junction Athletic Complex, Austin, Texas

The Junction Athletic Complex is a facility that will allow for elite level swim/water polo training, competition and instruction and also providing a state of the art facility to accommodate various aquatic classes and programs for the surrounding community. There is a 25 yard x 50 meter PVC laminated stainless steel technology combination training/competition pool with moveable bulkhead. Designed for competitive swimming and water polo, it has a water depth of 7’-0” across the entire length of the pool. The stainless steel bulkhead has parking locations at the 25 meter swim course, and at each end of the pool allowing for a 50 meter swim course in either direction and water polo field of play. There are 8 – 50 meter/ 25 meter competition lanes and 19 - 25 yard cross lanes for training. The facility also has a state of the art timing system with LED scoreboard display.  There is an adjacent 4 lane x 25 yard teaching pool constructed with PVC laminated stainless steel technology.  The teaching pools is 4’-0” deep, allowing for warm up/cool down during meets and instruction and programming as desired. Both pools are fully ADA accessible and have water agitation systems to cool the water during the hot Austin summers.